Rental equipment

Maybe you would rather rent than purchase a De Wit chart recorder? Or other test equipment? We have a rental fleet of pressure recorders, temperature recorders, precision gauges and dead weight testers. Please contact our rental department to check availability on the below instruments:

Pressure recorders

De Wit pressure recorders model 4888SST, accuracy cl. 1,0, back connection 1/2″ BSP male or 1/2″ NPT male, 24 hr clock, ranges from 0-1 bar … 0-1000 bar.

If required we can configure the rental recorder to meet your specifications:
– ranges in psi instead of bar
– other clock (1 hr, 2 hr, 4 hr, 8 hr or 12 hr)
– higher ranges (upto 3000 bar)

Temperature recorders

De Wit temperature recorders model 1888SST, accuracy cl. 1,0, capillary back entry, 3 mtr. st.steel flex.armoured, no process connection, probe dia 12 mm x 100 mm, 24 hr mech.clock, ranges -20/+40 °C or -20/+80 °C

Precision gauges

Precision gauges De Wit model 181RR/160, accuracy cl. 0,6, bottom connection 1/2″ BSP male or 1/2″ NPT male, knife edge pointer, ranges from 0-0,6 bar … 0-1000 bar.
Higher ranges available upon request.

Rental dead weight testers

Portable dead weight testers, accuracy +/- 0,1 % of indicated value, brass weight set
Model 35261-3, range 0,35-110 bar
Model 35266-1, range 3,5-210 bar
Model 35266-3, range 3,5-350 bar
Model 35271-3, range 3,5-560 bar
Model 35270-5, range 50-10.000 psi